From India to Pacific Ocean via South China Sea

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know whether while you are busy admiring so many things around you, there are some very weird things going on in the background.
So while I was travelling and enjoying the view outside the Hong Kong airport during the transit, how was I to know that when I would reach the final destination, I would see the items inside my bag soaked in water?
Was the checked-in bag dipped in the South China Sea during transit – for may be some “ablutions”? Or was it simply tossed carelessly in some area with water? I have no clue!

On reaching the hotel after almost 24 hours of journey, 1.5 hrs of standing in the immigration checks queue, and 45 minutes of cab ride, all I wanted to do was get some sleep and is that what I was doing – no sir – I was busy drying out stuff – with the sunlight coming in through the window, the blow dryer and the iron!
Sounds like a cinderella story – isn’t it – with the airlines playing the role of the cruel stepmother ?

And the weirdest thing is that the airlines was not some low cost carrier – it’s a supposedly five star airlines!
I wonder how the stars are granted and who gives them!
Also, one more weird thing – they don’t assign an incident number when you raise the complaint on their website! Cool – huh?

3 thoughts on “From India to Pacific Ocean via South China Sea

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  1. Hmmm …. I like your satiric style of writing …. Reading this post makes me wanna read more on your blog too ! Hope you had a safe journey otherwise 🙂

    Rock on ! I'll be back to read more too 😀


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