How To Train Your Dragon

Yesterday I went to watch the movie that I’d been wanting to see since the day it was released. And glad that I did go – for it was worth every paisa (the phenomenon is becoming a rarity these days!). But that is what is expected from Dreamworks & Pixar – after all they themselves have set the standards with Shrek, Madagascar & Kung Fu Panda!

The movie was about a viking boy (named Hiccup!) who does not want to slay dragons like the rest of his clan. Instead he finds a specie of dragon which no viking has seen ever – Night Fury and names him “Toothless” and makes him his pet – of course keeping it a secret from everyone else. should go and watch the movie to see what happens next, if you haven’t done so yet! What are you waiting for? The special effects are amazing, the script is good, the dialogs are witty and best of all – the characters are adorable – you would see vikings in a different light after this :-).
I think that is the beauty of Dreamworks movies – they bring out the brilliance of the underdog – be it an ogre or a fat panda or in this case – a lanky boy who is different from the rest of his viking clan!
And this time, my whole movie experience was good – unlikeĀ Avatar – which in retrospect I feel that probably then I was so eager to see a 3-D movie that I just went to see it, much against my better judgement.
For “HTTYD” – everything was good – from the story to the 3-D effects. I had a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday afternoon. Bravo Dreamworks. Keep bringing good stuff like this to make movie-going a pleasure!

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