Hindi Play in Bangalore

Yesterday I went to see the 50th show of a Hindi play here at the Rang Shankara theater with a friend. It is titled “Bikhre Bimb” which roughly translated would mean “Shattered Images”. It’s written by Girish Karnad and enacted by Arundhati Nag.

The protagonist of the story was a middle aged novelist Manjula Nayak from Bangalore, whose novel had instantaneously propelled her to fame.
The story started with her coming to a TV studio for the recording of her speech on the success and inspiration behind her novel. But after the speech, the play started with a conversation between Manjula and her conscience. The “conscience” part was recorded and shown on the TV screen prop on the stage. That was an interesting feature of the play. As the dialogues between herself and the conscience progressed, the audience got to know about her life, her insecurities and the pain of having a physically challenged but a beautiful and intellectually superior younger sister Malini, who had somehow connected on some level with Manjula’s husband after she came to live with them (on the death of their parents).

The twist in the tale was that the novel for which she had attained fame, was actually written by Malini and found by Manjula after Malini’s death. Manjula sent the manuscript to a British literary agent under her name and it got accepted and published. But this dishonesty made her husband so upset that he left her and went to the US.
The play ended with the image of Manjula saying that she was now Malini under the disguise of Manjula.

The play was packed with powerful emotional acting by Arundhati Nag but also had some humorous lines which saved the play from being too heavy.

All in all, a well spent evening.

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