Colonial Cousins

Sometimes I get the feeling that a lot of people today are still no different from the ones from old times – the ones who used to invade other lands.

First they would go to places in search of opportunities (akin to land in old times) and then want to change things there to make it a copy of the place they came from – with no regard for the local traditions and culture. In my opinion, if you’ve come to a place looking for opportunities, then adapt to things there. But who cares – after all, Romans were stronger so the saying goes “When in Rome, be a Roman”. There was no saying for the defeated ones – like “When in Yucatan, be a Mayan”. You know what I mean.

There is no harm in bringing your tradition in a new place – that brings diversity to a place – but don’t try to overcome the local things..they also have a history as old as yours! I really don’t understand the mentality of such people! They are the other extreme of those people who don’t want people from outside (which is a relative term) coming to their place. But I can’t blame them if the “outsiders” want to finish their traditions instead of blending in!

May be I am getting too excited over this but I got angry over a conversation from this morning which led me to think and had to take it out of my system.

I’d like your (the reader’s) opinion on this – I don’t think I am the only one who is angered by this kind of attitude.


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