Gender bias?

I read an article in the newspaper about Indira Nooyi’s quoting “Most powerful lists’ must be dumped in the garage”. She happened to mention that – “in 2001 when she went home to tell her mother about her appointment as the PepsiCo president, her mother reacted indifferently with a “dead pan” expression.” (source Times of India)

She said, “My mother told me when you enter the house, you are a mom, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law. Next time you come home, leave the crown in the garage.” Full story here.
That really set me thinking – does anyone ever say such a thing to a man – “when you enter the house you are a dad, a husband, son, son-in-law” – in whatever order? At least I have never heard of any man having said this when he is asked how does it feel to be in the list of most powerful leaders!
I don’t understand it – why are people still not ready to acknowledge the accomplishments of women? If someone as powerful as Ms. Nooyi has to go through these kind of comments instead of being cheered on her accomplishments, then what can be expected for small achievers?
Earlier I used to think that this kind of a thing is India specific but now having interacted with a lot of people across the globe, I’ve found that it’s the same everywhere – may be in varying degrees.
Keeping your head even at all times is the right behaviour but I think that this kind of comment is insensitive.
A woman anyways plays so many roles with a lot of balancing act all the time. If a woman achieves something good outside the home, then it doesn’t always mean that she is not paying attention to her other responsibilities. Wonder when the world would be mature enough to accept the success of a woman in the world outside the four walls of her home…and especially when would the women folk stand up for each other! 

[Also, today at SAP, there has been the announcement of the first female board member Dr. Angelika Dammann. Hope this news is the harbinger of some positive changes..]

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