Little Angels

What do you do when kids do the sweetest things for you?

Yesterday night, my neighbor – a two and a half year old – who is quite friendly with me – saw me in the elevator and insisted that I come to his home. I asked him what would he give me to eat and drink if I come to his home and he honestly said “Water”! Well, quite valid as that is one thing that is within his reach!
I went in and he immediately picked his cute small glass and filled it with water and asked me to drink :-)..I thanked him and took a sip. Then he wanted me to stay longer so I teased him by saying that I wanted chocolate. He ran after his dad and asked him to give me a chocolate! We got one chocolate each.Then as two old friends would sit beside each other, we sat on the sofa (where he’d beckoned me) and enjoyed our chololates (well, he was not in the mood to have it so he just licked his and kept it aside when I finished mine 🙂 ). So much for night cap :-).
His mom and I chatted for some time and once I saw that he’d gotten busy with something, I left stealthily so that he doesn’t become upset on seeing me leave!

Another memory is of the day when I’d gone to meet a school friend at her place. Her three year old daughter was so keen on being a good hostess that she herself brought out plates (one by one) of goodies that her grandma was arranging. And after three plates, she told her grandma that it was not sufficient and she should give something more! She was also very attentive to my needs and asked me if I wanted ketchup or chutney with the samosas!
One more such graciousness was seen when I was at my cousin’s place this February at Philly and her five year old offered me his new constructed Lego car as a parting gift!

What can one do but just feel glad that there are such little angels around us?

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  1. Thanks Julie :-)..
    what happened the next day was even funnier. The child who had shared water and chocolate with me, he saw me the next day and wanted me to come again to his home.And as if to make sure that I do come, he says to his mom, “please give her chocolate”


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