The Holiday

Yesterday night was again the usual Saturday night with nothing worthwhile watching on TV. So I switched to watching the movie “The Holiday” starring Kate Winslet (Iris) and Cameron Diaz (Amanda) with Jack Black (Miles) and Jude Law (Graham).

It was the story of two women driven to the edge by the men in their lives.So all they wanted to do was to go away somehwhere to get hold of their lives again. So here it’s the Internet and more specifically Google – oh yes that’s the knight in shining arms to the rescue of not one but two damsels in distress – and that’s just by bringing them together to help each other – talk about empowerment of damsels to become self reliant!
So the great search engine is consulted by Amanda to look for a place to go for a vacation and it leads her to a website called where at some point of time Iris had listed her home. So they chat a little and exchange their homes for two weeks.
Now they were not expecting anything more than a few days of a total change of scenery to heal their wounds but as fate (ok.. the storywriter) would have it, they not only get over the men they once felt they could not do without but each finds someone much better than their heartbreakers! How’s that?
So here is the trailer and if it catches your fancy, then watch the full movie. It’s different!

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