I just can’t seem to recall what was it that I wanted to write about yesterday night, immediately after having posted the piece about Eva. I just remember that there was something and as it was late, I had decided to work on it today. I wonder if this is a case of memory loss or it’s something that happens to everyone? May be I should keep a pen and paper stuck to myself just so that I can note down immdiately when I get a thought which I want to build upon!

Anyways, here’s the highlight of what I did last week – I made an oil painting on canvas (oil painting after about 17 years but on canvas for the first time)! It was for a friend who had invited me to her housewarming party last night and when I went to the market to look out for an appropriate gift, I couldn’t make up my mind. So I decided to do something myself and created this painting. I don’t know yet if she liked it or not as she was very busy last night being a good hostess but may be once I get an acknowledgement from her, I will ask her if she could click and send me a picture of the painting so that I can put it here on the blog – good or bad – it’s something I have worked hard on.
I wonder if the creator likes to keeps a picture of everyone/everything whom she creates or is it only her best works that find a place on her wall and the rest are conveniently forgotten!

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