Music across borders

Oh well what can I write about music..many have written a lot before me and many will write after me. All that I can say that thankfully I enjoy most forms of music – except for the ones that are harsh on the ear!
Why am I writing this piece? Read on..
Today probably after three years (or may be I don’t remember when was the last time) I serendipitiously re-found a song of Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold. I’d first heard it in early 2006 – I remember the time because my ex-manager was visiting India at that time and he shared this song with me from his collection. And I got hooked to the voice! It’s such a pity that no-one will ever be able to see her perform live anywhere – coz she died in 1996 at the age of a mere 33! And even sadder is the fact that she was not that well known outside the musical circles of Washington DC (the area she came from) until even three years after she died. Then one fine day of 1999, an RJ played her song on a BBC radio program and overnight she became popular! More details here.Had she been alive, we could have called it a Cindrella story but alas.. she was already dead by the time people got to know her. Why is life so unfair sometimes?
But I am as always, thankful that the whole world is literally at your fingertips due to the internet revolution! Isn’t that how we can explore and follow great artists around the globe – dead or alive! Music has literally transcended boundaries – we have access to the world music and we can like whatever catches our fancy. So what are you waiting for? Explore and enjoy the world – (mis)quoting the fairy Godmother in Shrek – “Remember, music (happiness) is just a “mouse click” (teardrop) away!”)

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