As the Japanese are celebrating their Sakura hanami (festive social viewing of cherry blossoms!), let’s see what’s happening in Bangalore. We don’t celebrate the blooming event but the trees don’t know that and despite our disregard, they are giving us a feast for our eyes. The roads are scattered with flowers falling from the trees (of course whereever we have the trees left!)
As I see these flowers of varied hues – purple, pink, yellow (and even a few red Gulmohar ones), I get the feeling that even after millions of years of existence of life on earth, this beauty must have been filling the hearts of people with joy through the ages!

While I was in Philadelphia in February, the trees were devoid of leaves and standing sadly in the white snow all around them. They must be knowing that the time of blooming would also come by their years of experience but how would the younger trees know that – who would be experiencing their first winter? Wouldn’t their hearts be filled with despair? Who tells them that happy days would be there again so that they can sustain themselves through the hard times? May be they have a way of communicating!
Enough philosophy…I will ask someone to send me the pictures of the blooms from there and just enjoy them.
Meanwhile you also enjoy the festival of blooming – which in India is called the “Vasant ritu” – that is the season of spring when every living being goes crazy :-).It is also titled as “Rituraj” – that is “King of seasons”. It’s difficult to not follow the king and do what he does – isn’t it? So go berserk..it’s the king’s permission!

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