San Francisco – Other nearby places

It’s been some time since my promise of writing about the remaining trip of the Bay Area. But better late than never..isn’t it?
Now, where to begin with -oh yes, I remember now. The Friday was pretty nice but the weekend was predicted to be wet. So my friend was not very optimistic about us being able to see too many things there. Now as you would remember from my previous post, I had an invitation to a baby’s first birthday for Saturday and I didn’t know what places I would visit if the weather was not dry. And in the next post I also mentioned that the weather opened up at around 11 am on Friday and so I could make it to the birthday party, gave my gift and then started out with my friend on the adventure. Don’t worry, you will know in a few lines why I am calling it an adventure.
Now the baby’s mom suggested that we could go to the Mystery spot. So on coming out of the b’day party, I told this friend of mine and he agreed to drive me there. We reached the place without any problems and it turned out to be a beautiful place, alebit a bit cold.

Are you wondering what’s mysterious about that place? Well, it was like any other hilly area with lots of trees, except for the fact that it had everything tilted! The hut was tilted at an angle of 20 degrees! Everything inside the hut was also weird. A simple pendulum that went to different lengths in both the sides and if you stood on a table, you could tilt forward but not fall! The trees outside the hut were also tilting inwards!

It was nice and even nicer was our guide who made us practice “ooh’s and aah’s” before starting the tour so that we could exclaim when she would show us the wonders of that place ;-)..

Now once we were done with the tour, we decided to go towards the Santa Cruz beach which was nearby. But what happened next was not mentioned in the tour of the mystery spot. We were “mystified” as to which direction should we go as the GPS had stopped working!! Now that was inexplicable. We came out of that place and I told my friend that may be we could follow the road signs. But he was a little apprehensive as he had an experience of once being lost without the GPS (he calls himself “blind” without the helpful voice of the GPS!). Nonetheless, we moved and decided to stop at some restaurant until the GPS started catching satellite signals again. But we didn’t need to do that as after a while it started working.

So we continued towards our destination with the trees dancing around us.(By the way we were in the right direction guided by the road signs which my friend was reluctant to trust!)Anyways, so without any more adventure, we reached the beautiful Santa Cruz beach.
The sun was on again and people had begun to come out but it was thankfully not crowded and we found a boulevard wherein to walk and look at the beautiful ocean. We saw people just walking and enjoying the wind, fishing, enjoying the food, kids playing and the best of all – some birds just posing there – and they were not the least bit camera shy!
Here – you can see for yourself. I went very close to them and did a portolio shoot ๐Ÿ™‚ but yes, I was careful to switch off the flash, lest that is scary to them. So after the photoshoot, we decided to go to the real beach to walk on the sand (we also saw some people carrying their surfboards but didn’t actually see anyone surfing). We took off our shoes and rolled the jeans up and walked towards the water (which my friend had already warned me about it being reeeallly cold!). And yes it was cold but it felt nice at the same time :-).
After the nice walk at the beach (during which my friend received a phone call that kept him occupied for a major part), we thought of having something to eat. We came out of the beach and walked looking for what we could possibly eat.Found a shop that sold falafels – which I had never eaten before. My friend said he had had it earlier and that he liked it – so we went in. It was a mama-papa kind of shop and felt cozy inside. We ordered our falafels in a sandwich and some coffee. It was nice and very filling but I think I would like the smoother variety more than the chunky ones that were served there. Thereafter, we decided to call it a day and returned.Thanks so much to my friend for showing me all those beautiful places and making my trip wonderful! Until next, have a great weekend :-)..

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