On the Horns of Dilemma

With the age of “consumerism”, it seems one is always facing the dilemma of what to pick – there are so many choices! And then you are not even sure if you’ve made the right choice!
Now take for instance the situation when you are so hungry that anything edible seems like a gourmet item. You find a subway and order a simple veg sandwich. Well it’s not that simple!They will ask you – what bread you want, for each of the things kept in the containers – they would ask if you want it, then what sauces you want – wouldn’t it be easier if they could just ask what you didn’t like and then take care of the rest of the things? Or may be for regular customers, they also had something like a bank’s ATM that has recently been given the feature of saving your most commonly used transaction so that the next time you go, you have the option of simply executing the same transaction!
The situation is even worse if you are in a western country and you go to supermarket to buy a simple pack of milk. Look at the choices – 0.5%, 1% fat, 2%fat, fatfree – frankly – does it make a difference if the milk has 0.5% or it’s fatfree?
Then look at the detergents, soaps, shampoos, lotions, toothpastes, oils, deos, perfumes – it’s overwhelming.It was so much easier in the days when we only had Colgate toothpaste, Pears soap, Halo Shampoo and Surf detergent!
But then on second thoughts, if we didn’t have choices, then how would we call ourselves developed? Food for thought!You think over it…I will go and look for choices on the tv channels!

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