It’s Snowy

It’s so amazing to see so much whiteness all around you.The scenery becomes black and white instead of “technicolor”.The roofs of homes look as if they are painted in white, the icicles appearing like glass spikes just below the ledges as the snow melts and tries to trickle down and gets frozen again, the naked trees without a single leaf on them, a tricycle half buried in snow peeking out as if telling everyone that its owner abandoned it when it started snowing, the evergreens in such weird twisted shapes as if they were in the middle of a dance and someone cast a freezing spell on them!

Life appears to come at a standstill when there’s a snow-storm but humans have learnt to deal with the snow as with so many other things. They spray the roads with salt solution so that the ice does not bond with the road, they keep shovelling off the snow from the roads all night so that work goes on as usual after it stops snowing, only problem is the flights and trains but I guess given the time, we might even find ways to apparate!!

It was quite a cheerful atmosphere here at the hotel when it was snowing all around. The restaurant was spilling over with guests – from this hotel and also from other nearby hotels which didn’t have a restaurant. Changing the hotel on Monday was definitely a good decision! I am so thankful that I met a friendly lady who had come for a training here. She and others from her training group were very gracious to have me join them for dinner. I was fed up of having had to work from the hotel room the whole day as the office was closed due to the storm.

I then went out to take a few pictures and it was freezing!! On Monday, it’s supposed to snow again. Let’s see how it works out this time!

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