Mysterious place!!

So I could make it to the birthday party :-)..yipee..the baby liked the present (as per the latest information from his mom)! The interesting thing is that the gift was not bought with the child in mind.I didn’t even know of his existence until about six days back, leave alone the birthday party.I had seen the toy on a shelf in Bangalore and bought it just like that, without knowing who would be the recipient.
Destiny at work, once again!

So after I went inside to give the present and have some snacks at the baby’s b’day party, it started raining outside and my friend (who was the one who was showing me around) passed the time talking to friends on phone, while waiting for me outside the restaurant, .

Once I came out, it stopped raining (miracle!) and then we thought of proceeding on our journey. The usual routine of calling up friends for directions etc (as we never planned before starting where we would be going :-)) and then we set out to an interesting place called the Mystery Spot. More details in the next post..

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