Elementary, my dear Watson!

Sherlock Holmes never fails – to engage one completely in his logical magic. Neither did the movie.
Excellent work by everyone. The witty dialogues, a good plot, a great background score to compliment the well enacted scenes and great direction – all the ingredients of a good movie were in place. So where was the chance of failure?
The stunts were awesome. I’d never imagined Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to be like this -when I’d read the books – but I liked this variation from my imagination šŸ™‚ .

The director brought out all the features of Holmes – his expertise in Chemistry, mastery of disguise, his restlessness at want of a problem, his musical capabilities, his feelings for Irene Adler (yes that was an interesting part of the screenplay), his regard for Dr. Watson and quite unexpectedly, his skill at the martial arts!

Guy Ritchie didn’t leave any loopholes :-). And neither did Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams and Jude Law disappoint at any point in the movie.
And how can one forget the villian – Mark Strong playing the part of the conniving Lord Blackwood, an essential part of the storyline.
Professor Moriarty is there but his face is never shown – may be he is waiting for a sequel to show himself :-).
So wishing that there would be another such movie, I sign off. If you have seen the movie – good that you did but if you haven’t – what are you waiting for?
Still skeptical and need a preview? There you go:


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