"Sunny Days" of 2010

It rained so hard on the eve of the new year (in Bangalore) and the new year itself came out so bright and sunny. But that’s not the point here. What I am thinking about is not the sun but that
how time flies like an arrow (and, oh, by the way fruit flies like a banana)..
It’s already 22:30 hrs of the third day of the new year. Days pass so quickly that by the time you say “Weekend”, it’s already over! How does that happen?
Anyway, I tried to fill the “unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run” (as Kipling said).
So let me share my journal with you:
1) Watched a movie on the 1st of Jan (as is the ritual since the last couple of years)
(No suspense here. I watched a bollywood movie – 3 Idiots – quite alright – good that the script was only inspired by the book and not copied from it, else it would have become quite unbearable)
2) Went to that cafe which I had been eyeing since quite a long time
3) Invested in some retail therapy (a.k.a. shopping)
4) Watched another movie as the mind needed some diversion from something.
(Hollywood movie – Australia – I liked it).
5) Got a haircut – not quite to my satisfaction – but now will have to manage with it until the hair grow back. (I always feel myself to be at the mercy of someone wielding a pair of scissors.It’s so scary whenever I go for a haircut!)
That was the gist of the first three days.
Let’s see what does tomorrow have in store for me – it’s the day when I start working for a new team, to which I am assigned for the first half of this year.
Keeping my fingers crossed. Until next – take care and have fun :-).


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