Bye 2009

As the year 2009 is drawing to a close, I am listing the some of the new things that this year presented to me (in reverse chronological order):
1) Watched my first Indiana Jones movie – Good
2) Watched my First 3D movie (Avatar) – Not so good
3) Watched movies and became a fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies (thanks to a good friend) – Good
4) Joined the tweetomaniacs club – twitter – No idea yet
5) Made many new friends – Good
6) Went to see a new place (Lepakshi – thanks to a friend and his new car) – Good
7) Purchased and lost a new watch – Bad
8) Got myself a new hairstyle (thanks to a school friend) – Interesting
9) Met school friends after fifteen years – Excellent
10) Got to read a lot of new books – Good

Now I wish to continue gaining a lot of new experiences in this year. Welcome 2010!


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