Avatar – review

Went to watch Avatar today. To quote Shakespeare, it was “Much ado about nothing”! It was so “bollywoodish” in story that I am wondering if the time has come when Hollywood is taking “inspiration” from Bollywood instead of the other way around!
The storyline was simply the age old formula of “good over evil victory”, used since the days of Ramayana, Mahabharata upto the present day bollywood movies.
The machines appeared to have been reused from Terminator, the scenery was nice, the animals appeared to come from Jurassic Park and Harry Potter, the chanting appeared to have been from some hindu rituals – basically a mix and match.
The special effects were good..but then with today’s technology, it shouldn’t be that hard – isn’t it?
But the biggest let down was – I went to watch my first 3D film (oh don’t be surprised – that’s not a “Ripley’s believe it or not” story) – and there was no such feeling that 3D experienced people had described like things appearing to be so close to you or as if they were happening to you.I felt almost the same watching the film with the special glasses on as without them.
Anyways, all I have to say is if you have moolah to spend and nothing better to do, you can go watch it but otherwise, it’s plain hype and nothing more.


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