Yesterday I came to my hometown. It’s the same place where I spent more than 12 years of my life but now it somehow feels different. As if I that was in some other era or as if all of it was in a dream. The city has changed quite a lot and of course the people too. I wonder if the people with whom I shared those days also feel the same way as I do. There are some school friends who are here so have to catch up with them. What a strange feeling it is that the ones whom you remember in pigtails and skirts playing in the summer heat during the school recess with you, suddenly appear before you with their kids and you wonder where did those days fly away?

Anyways, today the plan is to start with the things that were part of life in the days of yore – go to the food joints which we frequented then, go for shopping – to the old bylanes of the city, meet the old neighbors, go to those good old bookshops, have mom cook up her “trademark” 🙂 delicacies…the list will keep buidling up.So many things to do and so little time. So I better start now!


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