It’s a princess’s life!

Yesterday was the final episode of the reality show “Rakhi ka swayamvar”. Now those of you who don’t know what a Swayamvar is – here’s a brief explanation: It was an ancient ceremony in India, for a princess to be able to choose her husband from amongst the princes from far and wide, who sometimes were supposed to perform some act of bravery to prove themselves worthy of the princess and sometimes it would be a record of their past acts which could tip the balance in their favor (and may be sometimes just the good looks would be sufficient help the princess decide!)
However, over time, like many things, this tradition also got wiped from the sands of time.
So now when Rakhi Sawant, a celebrity in her own right, decided to be part of a tv reality show to search for her husband, I was quite impressed by her guts. At coffee table discussions, suddenly she was hotter than coffee. Everyone was talking about her – even those who feel disgusted by her! Doesn’t that speak for itself about the success of this venture of hers?
And there were guys from all over vying for her and doing all that was required of them to stay in the competition, plus doing something extra that they felt they would be appreciated for by Rakhi. Sometimes this fell flat on their face like the time when one of the guys kissed Rakhi instead of giving attention to his mother’s outstretched hand!
Anyways, all in all, one of the guys won the match (pun intended) and Raakhi got her “Prince”!
So overall a win win for Rakhi Sawant, the producers of the show, the channel (TRP ratings shot up!) and may be the “would be” groom also gets something in return!
Now people are wondering if when would there be a second season of the show :-)…
Let’s see!


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