Old Magic

Today morning was like any other morning except for the fact that I had to rush for a morning show.I guess so far there has been only one movie series for which I have waited so desperately – yes the magic of Harry Potter has binded me in an “unbreakable vow” that I would not miss a Harry Potter movie :-). Now as a muggle, I had to take help of the normal muggle transport system – first the bus and then the auto – to reach the cinema just in time to collect the ticket and get seated. Now you would think what is the “old magic” in all this that I am talking about – so the magic was the bell. You see, I went to watch the movie in a single screen theater – yes, in this day and age of multiplexes I went there. Not because of choice but because I got the ticket for that much before the multiplexes opened their bookings (which got closed as soon as they opened). So there I was, collecting my ticket from the office (I had booked on the net and this being an old theater, you had to collect them from the manager’s office!) when I heard the bell. I was surprised to hear it. But understood that it meant something urgent. So I rushed and by the time I was ushered to my seat, I had lost 2-3 minutes of the movie! Nonetheless, once seated I was transported to Hogwarts within minutes and thereafter the spell broke when they decided to have an intermission. People around me started shuffling and getting things to eat (which appear so noisy when you yourself are not having it :-)). It was quite a long break and then there was this bell again – it was just as in school – the bell for the recess being over. (In school I never liked that bell but here I was more than glad to hear it because it meant the magic could start again). So for a “muggle” like me, the magic was in the bell which would mean the start of the movie. Old magic because this was something long forgotten, something from the past but something beautiful ! I guess I would go to watch some movie again in the same theater, just to be reminded of days when things were slow, there was just one movie in the whole theater, there was a balcony and a stall, the whistles and catcalls from the people in the stall would irritate some while brought a smile to the faces of others in the balcony :-).. All in all, a “charm” that is to be enjoyed as long as it lasts!

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