Great Stories

Yesterday night I finished reading the good old classic “David Copperfield”.
I had read that story as a child, in the 6th standard – in a book belonging to the series “Great Stories in Easy English” abridged by S.E. Paces.
I loved the story of the boy who was orphaned and then adopted by his father’s aunt and who made a man out of himself through his hard work, battling all the miseries life threw in his way.
So when I started on the real book a week back, I was expecting more or less reading the same thing except may be more dialogues and more philosophical ideas. But what I had in store was much more than what I had expected.
I am so glad that I read this at a time when I was more experienced in life about the shortcomings of the human nature and to accept the characters of the story as they were without being judgemental. Bless you S.E.Paces that you didn’t tell me then so many things like – what would Steerforth do in his restlessness, what would the innocent “Little Emily” do after she said “yes” to Ham, how would the Murdstones destroy one more young woman, why would Dr. Strong and Annie suffer for so many years, what heartbreak and pain would Mr. Peggotty go through..
Had I been exposed to all that then, may be I would have judged the people but now, I could understand the “first mistaken impulse of an undisciplined heart”, the pain of an innocent heart on having betrayed someone, the woman who loved someone all her life – even at the time when he came to her to tell her about the woman he fell in love with. The meanness of people like the Murdstones, the Heeps, the Jack Meldon versus the goodness of people like the Peggottys, Agnes, the good heart behind the weirdness of Miss Trotwood – all that was so beautifully put by that great author whom we call Dickens – that one does not feel at all that the story was set in a time so long before – it could be the story of this day and age, if you just replace the props. The human nature still has the same variety of emotions, the same old impulses, the same fallacies. You can relate to the characters – just look around yourself and you would find them in one or the other person you are acquainted with!
All in all, it was a good read. May be someday I would read it again.

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