Lemony Snicket’s: A series of unfortunate incidents?

Sometimes you literally live the saying that you would have heard since your childhood. For me it happened the other day – I was living through the one that goes like – “When it rains, it pours!”
Now it all started when I reached home from office in time. One of my classmates had come here and we had planned to meet over the evening – we hadn’t seen each other in person since the last 15 years! So you can imagine my dismay when I returned home to find that there was no power and on asking the maintenance workers, they informed me that the bescom people had taken away the cut-out for non-payment of bill!
Since my roommate does the payment online, so I was quite surprised which turned to disappointment, on calling her to check this.
Then I asked what was supposed to be done – both of us called the maintenance and the bescom offices several times. But we were told to go to the bescom office. Time was ticking by and I also had to go and meet my friend. She tried to pay the bill online or via an outlet at her office. Finally the bill was paid and I was to go to their office where they keep the cut-outs. I reached there at around 7 pm. It was kind of shady with just two people who were also about to close the office – a place with a table, phone, a register and a drawer.
I told them that the bill was paid but he said that I would need to bring a letter from an office. Now since I didn’t have any receipt and that office just seemed to be there for the sole purpose of torturing the non-bill payers, therefore I had to return empty handed. By then I was convinced that we won’t get the power restored that day so I went ahead as per the plan of meeting my friend. Had a good time there and returned to a candle-lit home.
Had to sleep without the fan – thankfully there was a cool breeze outside – so tried to sleep with open windows (but the noise coming from the road gave me a broken sleep).
The next day I took the receipt of payment to that same office and they made an entry in the register. They said that we can tell our building’s security personnel to restore (their line-man would come only in the evening) – you see these guys had just removed the cut-out but it was still in our building! Now, I had already left their office when I called the maintenance guys and they said that it can be restored only by the bescom guys. I had meetings in my office and half the mind was there – so I called up my roommate to check what was to be done. I went back to my office and she from her office, tried calling here and there to find out what was to be done. After a long time, the maintenance guys told her that we would have to bring a letter from the bescom guys authorizing them to restore the power. I really got angry because they didn’t tell me that when I had called them while I was still near the bescom office.
However, on calling the bescom office, they refused to give any such letter while on calling the buidling’s maintenance guys, they refused to restore the power without such a letter. Finally the bescom guy said that their line-man would come at around 7. We resigned to that and went on with our day’s work.
I had some work at office so could not leave before 7 but by that time my roommate tried to reach home so that if needed we could go to the bescom office, in case the power was not restored by then. So before leaving the office I checked with her what to do. She said that I should meet her at home. Then we’d see what was to be done.
(I forgot to mention that all this was happening when I had gotten myself an upset stomach and a splitting headache…so you can imagine the state of my mind)
I started from office and as it would be, there was no bus even after waiting for about quarter of an hour. Then finally one bus came and I managed to squeeze myself into it. After about a kilometer, there was a blast and the day was complete with the tyre of the bus having been punctured. I had had it and was so depressed that I called a friend who lived nearby to say that I was coming to her home. I reached her place and calmed myself. Also got the message from my roommate that the power was restored as the line-man finally came at around 8 and since she was there fortunately at the same time, so he could not escape without replacing the cut-out. (Otherwise I was told that people have to bribe the lineman to come – which would really have made me mad!).
Then finally after calming down and having some food at my friend’s place, I went back home and thus ended the series of unfortunate incidents !
All’s well now. Who says “Power does not bring peace”? Believe me, it does, it really does!


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