Kill Bill

Now “Kill Bill” is not the type of movie I would be seen watching. But what do you do when one fine evening you find yourself in an elevator whose walls are splattered with blood?
That too the one infront of your apartment? Now finding weird “testosterone driven” scribblings on the walls was one thing but to find blood on the walls – that was pathetic. But what could you do except not to look at the walls and get out as soon as possible. Who would have witnessed the violence there except for the victims themselves who were now silent to say anything..
Whose blood was it?
Oh what a gory sight. But finally the lift came to a halt and I came out.
Not before casting a last look at the victims.. whose dead bodies were also plastered on the walls by the same “hunter” who had left them there for everyone to see..
The predators who are there on the walls every evening, that day found someone who couldn’t take it anymore and made the lift their final resting place.. but that hasn’t deterred others of the species to flock in every evening after 6 to prey on the travellers of the lift… yes, the black ubiquitous carnivores – the mosquitoes!

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