Those ads (sigh)!!

Recently I got one of those forwarded messages which showed the pictures of presently well established actors, at the beginning of their careers.
That made me go to youtube and search for those commercials. And it was as if I found “The Lost World”!
I am so thankful to those people who have compiled those ad films from DD – I really wonder from where they managed to get the videos!
So here’s what you can do – check out these ads and go back into time :-), while doing a “Guess who” in some of them:

1) Limca ad:

2) Vicks

3) Surf

4) Complan

5) Lehar Pepsi

6) Coca Cola (Talk about Changing Loyalties in a pair!!)

7) The “Nano” of the 80’s ?

There are a lot more of such ads which I want to share. But until then, enjoy these while I look out for the others!


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