Women and Elections

So now our country-men are caught between the tug of war of the lok-sabha elections and the IPL matches. Now I write “country-men” because for most of the women, it doesn’t really matter – even if Advani ji promises the “laadli-lakshmi” scheme or Sonia ji (ok Manmohan Singh ji) promises something similar about giving incentives to parents to allow a girl child to come into this world (which is quite a disgusting idea by itself – parents getting money to not kill their infant girls). Will there be lesser crimes against them once they grow up or would there be lesser harassment (mental/physical) or would there be so much social change that they can make their own decisions and do what they feel like? So what’s the point? When they cannot provide a good environment for the existing female population, then what’s the point in bringing more to the same world? Ok, alright, now one would say – be glad that you are not in Afghanistan or you belong to a better social strata as compared to so many others – so why do you complain?
But is it only about not getting flogged publicly or not having to do menial work for survival? Aren’t there issues of safety, of being able to take decisions in life, of not being treated equally like your male counterparts at work, of being targets of mental harassment if not physical? The point is – there are issues at each level – there is no denying that fact.
Now I won’t say that men don’t have any issues – but they have different ones – like whether to watch the ongoing cricket match or the poll anlalysis, or whether to drink beer or whiskey, or most importantly – to earn more than their wives to keep their ego intact!
There would be other issues but I am not aware of any serious ones.
So I wonder if the election is really going to change anything? If after doing quite well for the development of Delhi as it’s CM, she can say to the murder of a woman journalist as her being too adventurous – instead of finding and closing the loopholes in providing a safe state, then do you think that anything is going to change?
I hope for a change but don’t see when and how will that change come about! Let’s see what is in store for us after this round of the great election game!


One thought on “Women and Elections

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