Angels and Demons

Now it is a general saying that “Children are a form of God” (or to be more dramatic I would write it in Hindi “बच्चे भगवान का रूप होते हैं”). I wonder till what stage of childhood is this acceptable. Does anyone have any idea when can it be safely assumed that they are free of all the “Godliness” and have rather joined as traineees in the devil’s workshop?
I in general have a good rapport with kids. (Rather sometimes I have had the experience of having to listen to their talks as a friend instead of someone elder and I have enjoyed it thoroughly!).
But some of them have really tested my patience! I wonder if instead of feeling angry, I should rather feel sorry for their parents – who have no choice but to grin and bear them!
Thank God that I have no such obligation! In India it’s very common to see how parents shrug off from putting a stop to their children’s misbehaviour by saying “let’s see what you do when you have kids!”. What an absurd thing to say – instead of checking your kid now you would rather wait to see what the other person would do when he/she would have kids – that too assuming that there would be an exactly similar situation!
The more difficult thing is to be polite so that everyone around you does not think you are a heartless person who is being angry with a child (ok not toddlers here, I am talking of 8 -10 year olds). No-one seems to notice how the rascal has been working on your nerves!
As of now, I am in desparate need of tips on how to handle these kids, how to make them behave. Please let me know if you have anything to share!


One thought on “Angels and Demons

  1. Hi Shweta,

    From my personal experience I would suggest “simply ignore” if you can.
    I know its tough but this is the best solution…it worked for me and after sometime things will work
    according to you…trust me.

    All the Best 🙂



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