Today I met one of my old school mates after a gap of about fifteen years – the time filled with one marriage and two lovely children – hers :-).
It is such a nice feeling to meet someone who brings back the memories of old carefree days gone by. I wonder why in the school days we did not have the same feeling of camaraderie, as at least I feel now. May be that’s because as children we tend to stick more with children whom we know from a longer time instead of getting to know other new kids on the block, whereas now it’s like trying to hold on to the smallest thread that connects you to that time gone by.
Before going to meet her, I was a bit doubtful as to what would we talk about but
on meeting her, it felt so good that if I didn’t have the time constraint, our talks wouldn’t have ended. After all, it was fifteen years worth of news!
Nostalgia swept over me when I remembered the days we used to wear the white and blue school dress, spent our interval with the lunchboxes in the playground – sometimes sitting on a tree 🙂 (of course we got along well but had a different set of friends back then to share our lunches with).
Her three year old daughter was quite interested in knowing who is her mother’s friend and which school did we go to! As a child it’s difficult to imagine that at some time one’s mother was also a school girl but her daughter seemed quite at ease with the fact :-). (By the way, she also told me that if I had food then I would also get ice-cream but sadly I had to decline her offer because it was getting late :-()
All in all, it was an evening well spent. May be I would be meeting some more of my school mates soon. Believe me, it’s a great feeling 🙂


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