Flower power

Come February and suddenly you start seeing vivid colors around you in Bangalore. Do your eyes need a checkup? No, it’s simply nature’s announcement that spring is here!
Now I am not a botanist, but what I’ve observed is that in February it was mostly yellow flowers blooming everywhere and now in March it’s pink and lavender colored flowers brightening the scene. It’s amazing to see the same effect year after year. What a sight it is to see the rows of trees lining the streets covered in blooms. In fact there are some trees which don’t even have any leaves left on them. The branches are simply covered with bunches of pink flowers!
I am so thankful to whoever planted those trees so long ago. And I am also thankful to those who decided not to cut them!
In Japan, there is a tradition that people go out to watch the cherry blossoms during March and April. It’s an amazing site from whatever I have read and heard of it. You have rows and rows of trees just covered with pink cherry blossoms. What a soothing site it must be! That tradition is like a festival there! As in India we have a calendar (panchaang) for festivals, the Japanese have a kind of schedule of when would the blossoms open and what would be the best time for viewing cherry blossoms in each of those islands! I wish sometime I would also see that.
Similarly in Munnar, Kerala, people wait for the neela kurinji season – a shrub which blooms once in twelve years and covers the hills with a blue carpet! That’s how the name “Nilgiri” evolved (Nil – blue and giri – hill/mountain).
But in Bangalore, I am happy that I don’t have to wait for twelve years to see this. The trees are thankfully not showing any signs of recession :-). They are blooming the same way as they were in the peak days of the stock exchange!
Getting nostalgic about north, it’s the winter season when each home would have chrysanthemums and dahlias growing in the pots/lawns and along with roses, gladioli, lilies and lots of small bushes with flowers of various colors. There are flower shows with competitions for the best flowers. In summers it’s the gulmohur trees with their red and orange blooms and the amaltas trees with yellow blooms!
It’s such a pleasant thing to see flowers blossoming around you. They fill the heart with hope – by showing you that even though autumn comes and makes everything look bleak, there will always come the season when everything will be colorful again!


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