Training Day – 2

Today we had the training on some basic first aid techniques. Now as the training on fire safety, this training too, though on an otherwise serious topic, was mixed with a lot of fun – all due to the good imagination of the trainer :-).
So he started the training after we watched a couple of video clips on a lot of hillarious incidents from around the world. This was while we waited for all the participants to come to the training room.
He started with explaining to us about choking incidents, that keep happening around us.
He gave the recent example of a Nokia employee dying due to choking during a gluttony competition.
He then set the tone of the training with showing us an incident that took place in Bangalore during a football match. A player had collapsed in the field and with no-one knowing about CPR, had died.
So he explained to us what to do in such a case.

He also explained to us how to check the pulse and respiration. Now he explained to us how pulse can be fast or slow depending upon the condition of the patient. Someone in his earlier training session had the question if you could find out whether a lady was pregnant. He said that it is shown in the bollywood movies that as soon as a heroine collapses, there would appear an old lady who would take care of her, check her pulse and all and then come out all smiling congratulating the hero. It is all absurd. Just by feeling the pulse you cannot ascertain whether a woman was expecting. So as an example he said, “Imagine a lady who wants to attend this training and is late. So she starts running from the main gate towards the training room and upon reaching the room, is breathless. I feel her pulse and then say – Congratulations madam, you are expecting!”.

While explaining about the heart, he said that the heart starts working in our bodies even when we are in our mother’s womb. But that we don’t think about the heart unless there’s a pain or unless it us thumping wildly or until Valentine’s day! He asked us how many of us celebrated the day. Hardly one or two hands went up. So he asked one of them since how many years has he been celebrating it and he answered 13 years. Tongue in cheek, he asked, “With the same person?”. Upon that guy answering in affirmative, he appreciated him and said,”there are some who have an annual scheme on that!” 🙂

During the training, he asked for volunteers from the group to act as patients/victims.
So now he had to show how to tie a bandage in case of a head injury. He randomly picked up one of the members and then started with a story as to how he would have got the injury. He said, just think that this guy was walking about when he saw a beautiful girl in the balcony of her apartment. So he winked at her. The problem was that the girl also responded – by throwing a flower at him – albeit with the flower pot!

Then he had to show us what to do in case of a cardiac arrest or heart attack. He called another member of the group and asked him to act as if he was having a chest pain. Now quite naturally, the “patient” was all smiles (being in-front of about 45 colleagues watching) while he acted as if he was having the pain. As if on cue, the doctor said,”This is not a heart attack, it’s more of a love attack!”

All in all, there were a lot of fun moments but the training in itself was quite informative. I hope I remember everything that was taught in case I need to apply it.


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