Best Inventions of this world

Now that we are in the 21st century, I really feel great to be alive at this time and day. I decided to list 10 of the best things that I find are there to be thankful about!
10 – Plastic -> Ok, now when you consider the pollution of the environment, then you would think that it is a menace. But just think of the convenience it has provided. You can transport almost anything by packing it in this wonderful material. Packaged food, water, life saving drugs, even blood for transfusion to an otherwise dying person – would any of these have been possible without this? Agreed that it’s disposal has become a problem but isn’t that because the people misuse it instead of using it with concern? The invention by itself is not bad.
09 – Movies -> I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like movies. May be there are movie-haters too, but for me it’s the best thing to go into a dreamworld. You can see the myriad of emotions, the dance and musicals (in Bollywood movies particularly), the aliens, the talking animals and so much more – all in under 3 hours!
08 – Mobile Phone -> Even though we keep cursing the phone when we are called by the telemarketeers but the fact is that it’s become so much easier to be in touch with anyone we want, at any time, from anywhere, because of this wonderful invention. Now you feel almost handicapped if you forget the phone at home for even a single day!
07 – Aeroplane,Train, Automobile -> Oh, I don’t know how closer would the people of the world have been if it were not for these modern means of transportation. I have been to so many places and met wonderful people because of these. I don’t think I would have been able to do so if boats and bullock-carts would have been the only modes of transport! Can you even imagine life without these?
06 – Electricity -> Can you imagine life without electricity? (Ok, in India, there are several places wherein there are electrical poles/wiring but no current but if you are reading this post, then you are definitely having access to this miracle which is rightly called “Power”.) Whether you want to repreive yourself from the hot summers or the cold winters, you are rescued by the appliances that work on electricity. Or if you want a hot pizza or a cool shake, again, it’s the electricity at your service!
05 – Ice-cream -> The best comfort food for anyone feeling down :-), the easiest thing that can quiten an otherwise uncontrollable child, the easiest and never-goes-wrong dessert to be served, and the best thing to have on a sweltering afternoon 🙂 (or even on a chilly night albeit at your home).
04 – Printing press – >Amazed? Is there something better than a good book when you are travelling to a distant place, or while soaking the sun on a winter day, or simply for the pleasure of reading! Now would it have been possible if we were still writing on taad-patra/papyrus?
03 – Satellite TV -> How else would you have known what’s happening around the world even while you are struggling to wake-up, or watch the live and then the repeat telecasts of the games (matches), or have split with laughter at the great comedy shows from all around the world!
02 – Internet ->which is how I am reaching out to you now :-). I don’t know if you’ve read “David Copperfield”, but in that there is this idea of Mr. Dick to write his ideas on the kites which when flown would reach out to so many people around the world :-). Isn’t the Internet that kite?
01 – Instant Noodles 🙂 -> And the top of the list is this! A let-down?But isn’t that the saviour of the bachelors, the hostelers, people hard-pressed for time or simply when you are just not feeling like cooking nor going out nor ordering) but the stomach is sending non-stops signals of hunger to the brain?


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