Artificial Intelligence?

Sometimes I seriously doubt if there is some form of intelligence in the things which we consider to be inanimate. e.g. a ping pong ball. Let me explain. At the place where I play table tennis, there are some benches attached to the walls. So there is a lot of (and very annoying) empty space beneath them. Now whenever the ball gets a chance, it just goes and sits at the wall-end of that empty space – you have to sit down, look under and then pull it out. So you don’t get tired because of playing but because of having to painstakingly retrieve the ball. Can’t understand whether we are playing a game with the ball or the ball is playing games with us!
Next is the billiards (pool/snooker) table and balls. Most of the people who play this game would have seen how so many times the ball just hovers at the edge of the hole – as if it is thinking – “to go or not to go – that’s the question”. Could the ball have also read Shakespeare?
The next case to prove my point is that of key. Many of you would have noticed how easy it is to lose the key. You will see the key everyday when you don’t need it but the day you need it, you can turn the whole closet upside down and it still won’t be visible. Then you curse and do some alternate arrangements. Next day – it will be back in place!
I think I have made my case clear with these examples. If you also have often wondered about this, do share your experiences and we can challenge the theory of inanimate objects not having any form of intelligence :-). Or is that what they call “Artificial Intelligence”?


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