The Great "Indian English" – Part 2

These days there’s a popular dance program on the Indian television – “Nach Baliye”. Now it’s not a show about the linguistic skills or for that matter, anything “intellectual” but the comments from judges make me a little irritated. When a couple performs well, the comment is – “Both of you all did a good job” and when they are bad, the comment is – “What happened to you all?”. What on earth does “you all” mean when one is talking to just two people?
Now there are lots of people who murder the Hindi Language too but that’s another story. May be I would put it on my hindi blog as soon as I am ready to work again with the transliterator tool!
The thing that I want to say is that even though language is nothing more than a medium of expression but still, I think that people should work a little towards learning the language. If nothing else, then at least learn the proper sentence-formation – especially if they are being watched by millions of people every week!

Disclaimer: I don’t claim that I know all about the English language. In fact I myself make the occasional mistakes in spoken English but then my only solace is that my reach is not to millions of people! (Though I would love to be in that position as I have a lot of things to say to people but until that day…).


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