Of Laddoos, Coffee and other things

First of all, a very Happy New Year to you.
Now thinking over how was the last year.. it was quite good – if I forget about the stock market :-).
I did a lot of things – travelling, meeting new people as well as reuniting with the ones I already knew, learning new things – all in all – a good year.
Thinking about the year gone by, I started this year also on a good note – by watching a movie (which has been a ritual for the last couple of years) – then having some nice ice-cream and then the best activity of all times – sitting with friends over coffee (Having laddoos was an unexpected highlight of the evening :-)).
The fun part was reminiscing about the good ol’ days 🙂 when the concerns were simpler. One of the secrets revealed was what pains did some batchmates take while going to the girls’ hostel on the pretext of exchanging notes. From wearing black goggles to bright chenille shirts, they did it all. That was interesting because these are not the things which one would have ever spotted those guys with, before that fateful day!.
And who were the “chhupa rustams” of the class.
All in all, a great 1st of January, especially if I consider the fact that at 11:00 am, I was standing outside my locked door having left the key inside, thinking how would I spend the time until my friend returns from her office!
So now here’s the wish-list for this year – to have lots of such days of being with friends filled with the sounds of carefree laughter! Have some more great new experiences and repetition of old good ones too. And the list goes on :-).


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