Gen Next

Gone are the days when the kids (ok Indian kids to be precise as I don’t know what the kids abroad do – now or before) used to be happy playing “Hide and Seek” or simple plain “Four corners” or Carrom.
The modern “apartmentalized” kids of these days are so much sophisticated for these kind of outdated games. The parents are busy with their jobs (don’t get me wrong – they are not ignoring their children – noways – they are in fact providing them with more options than those of gully cricket or kabaddi or kho-kho.) Those days when the children would come home wounded in a fist-fight or having fallen down from a bicycle – are history.Who has the time for all that? Those who have time, are the “deprived kids” whose parents don’t earn that much money to live in a posh apartment with all these facilities!
So what do the privileged ones do these days?
They play “Pool”! At the club-house of the apartments, of course – the cue stick may be longer than their height but that doesn’t stop them from trying their hand.
They play Table Tennis, Badminton or even squash, if available. In the apartments, I have not seen one single kid playing cricket. Puh..that’s for the older generation – like may be their dads – whom I have seen playing over the weekend in broad sunshine. May be the kids feel they would get tanned – why take a chance when the indoor games are available!
What else do they play? Oh yes, the other day I saw them chasing each other with small sticks (or imaginary sticks) and shouting Harry Potter curses at each other (Reducto, Aguamenti to name a few)! At least that was some outdoor game.
Then there was this group which was huddled round the swimming pool of the apartment whilst some of them were collecting the water in polybags. And a Ms. Pristine (may be 8-9 years old) was admonishing them with questions like “Do you know how many protozoa are there in this water?”!
I felt like an ignorant when I tried to remember what protozoa was – in my days they threatened with bacteria – that too not the fellow kids but the doctor! (Fellow kids were busy jumping with me in the mud and in the rain-water puddles).
Now I am wondering what are the kids reading these days!


One thought on “Gen Next

  1. Hi Shweta,Well no doubt…today's kids are far far ahead than us. You wont believe my “Bhanja and Bhanji”(twins) who are in singapore, every saturday morning they go for swimming. You know what's their age ?11 months. yes yet to cut their first birthday cake. Their names are Ayaan(boy) and Aanya(girl).When I entered first time in pool I had already cut 17 cakes till then 🙂Check out this video…11 months Ayaan n Aanya in swimming poolSo sweettttt.,Ankit Baphna


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