Joie di vivre

I know that I have to finish the backlog of giving the details of my trip across the South of India. But right now I am in the “Happy Frame” of mind 🙂 and don’t feel like writing the journal at the moment.
Isn’t the joy of being alive is to be able to – listen to/create great music, see/make beautiful things, dance, read/write stories or poetry – there is so much for everyone!
(For the cynics – of course one cannot think of all this unless the basic necessities – food, clothes and shelter – are fulfilled. But then you cannot call that the joy of living.).
I guess that is the beauty of a creative work – it does not diminish with usage! The more it is used – listened to or seen by – the more joy it gives. As the oldies have said – “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”! I am sure that that what they meant was the “beautiful thing” in not just the visual sense but aural as well. In fact anything that the senses can perceive as bringing joy to the soul is a beautiful thing.
Until next – Cheers to the “joie di vivre” :).

P.S. : The funny quote that I read yesterday was – “The problem with real life is that there is no danger music at times of danger!” :-).


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