Worldly Wise

There was something which had been troubling me since quite a long time. I was not able to pinpoint it. Today I came to know what it was – it was something that I did out of desperation. I realized that the one reason for making a mistake in judgement is desperation. It is this which blinds you to otherwise obvious facts. I was searching the way out of a maze. I was sensing that I was going in the wrong direction but the fear of not reaching my destination soon had so overpowered that sense that I could not see that the way was leading to an abyss. However, just in time, may be by divine intervention, (deus ex machina?), I got my sense back and I returned from that path. So the moral of the story is – never ever give-in to desperation – no matter what. Right decisions can only be made with a relaxed mind.


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