Language of Expression

With so much hoopla around Amitabh Bachhan’s hindi blog, I was wondering what could possibly be the controversy? A person has full right to express his thoughts in whichever language he/she chooses to! But as often happens in bollywood, controversy generates curiosity. So could it be a gimmick to gain publicity? Politicians have been seen to take advantage of people’s sentiments about their region, language or culture but blogs being targeted – not for any objectionable content – but for the language in which they are posted – that is preposterous.

A country which has remained in existence for so many centuries in spite of cultural, regional and linguistic differences – is a miracle in itself. At a time when the European countries which maintained a distance from each other for so long are trying to get closer under the banner of European Union, here in India, a kind of reverse phenomenon is taking place.

I can’t say if that is a precursor of something bigger which is going to take place or if it’s just a ripple in the ocean. I hope for the latter.

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