"Service" Industry.. contd..

Oh and how could I forget what happened on the 4th of October. I had booked a flight when Deccan airlines was still Deccan – on the 15th of August for a journey on the 18th of October. So it was well in advance and I thought I have received a good deal. Now on the morning of 4th of October, I received an sms that the flight has been cancelled and I should call for further details. By that time Deccan was under the banner of Kingfisher – which in turn had sent a message on the day of the merger – that I should expect “good times”. So this was the promised “good time”.
Now to get a new booking and that too for an early date (you see I didn’t have 2 months to book in advance – I had 2 weeks!) – was a difficult task.
Finally I got it on Jetlite after having wasted a lot of time and effort – and of course – at an extra premium. In fact I was quite apprehensive of that also being cancelled – after seeing the news of collaboration between Jet and Kingfisher.
However, thankfully I reached safely wihout any further cancellations etc. – rather the flight was preponed a little of which at least I was informed in time.
Well what can I say more, you may have worse experiences than mine. But what I want to say is that whether an service is bad or worse, the tension that it causes cannot be assuaged by thinking “it could have been worse”.
So let’s hope that we get better services in future – which is again a comparative term – if in first service you get one broken leg of a chair and in a second one two legs are broken, then the first one becomes a better service. Isn’t it?

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  1. He he he 🙂 U can take solace that u are not the only one who suffered because of air deccan changing to King fisher. My situation was even worst…. My booking was cancelled a day before and a call was made that ur air deccan flight is cancelled and that ur booking is done in anoher king fisher flight at some other time…Point to be noted is i had a connecting flight with jet airways and new kingfisher booking they provided was arriving after my connecting flights departure 😉i was only left with the choice of cancelling king fisher flight and booking some other flight payinh last moment extraaaaaaaaa money to book a flight just a day in advance 😉now wat u call this 😉


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