What an advertisement!

Today I got to know a new meaning of Jackpot. I always thought that in terms of a huge amount of money. But today I saw a billboard advertising some kind of jackpot being sponsored by a manufacturer of bathroom fittings – Hindware. The ad displayed several designs of commodes (WC) along with the message “You could be sitting on a jackpot”! I would not elaborate on that further :-). And one more important thing was the location of this billboard – it was placed on the wall of a public toilet (“Nirmala Bangalore”)! What a strategic location :-).
I am amazed at the ideas that the advertisement makers get.
The ones on television have the advantage of having vocal along with the visual effect. But the ones on roadside hoardings/printed in magazines or newspaper, have to rely completely on the visual appeal.
This was one of those advertisements which one wouldn’t forget quite easily!
Similarly, when I was small, I remember having seen ads of Geep battery and torches on the walls while going to my village. It was simply there on the village side because the villagers needed torches more than the city dwellers, as not all villages had electric lines (It’s a different story that now they have lines but no current).
Another common ad was that of “OK” bathing soaps whose logo was the lotus. It was cheap and used to smell nice (as per the ad). The tagline was “OK – nahaane ka badaa sabun” [ meaning “OK – the bigger bathing bar”]. I think what it meant was that you get more for a lesser price. But I am not sure :-).
Also were the ads of some cement brands and iron rods (called “sariya” in hindi) used in buildings along with those of chemical fertilisers.
In fact, it would be interesting to note what are the ads being placed now in the villages.
In cities, since the target audience has different needs, therefore the ads also have to keep that in mind.
So the ads that you see more are of Insurance, Cholestrol reducing oils, Banks giving 10.5% interest, cosmetics which help you fight pollution, mobiles, newspapers, and in Bangalore – additionally those of new builders and apartments and some software companies.
One company had some interesting ads like the one displaying a can on which it was written – “Techie-la” (Tequilla)! Or the one showing a chips packet with the words “Aloo Techie” (Aloo Tikki) on it.
So readers, rummage your memory and put comments on the post to share your encounters with such whacky ads.

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  1. Interesting read. I agree with Amishra though – some ads are so pathetic! Have you seen the recent ad for “Emotions Tissues”? They clearly ran out of ideas – so much melodrama for selling a tissue!


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