Dual causes duel!

There has been so much confusion in the mind off late – and not just because I could not think of what to write about.
However, I thought that to be able to write – the first step would be to start writing. The words would automatically come when the fingers start typing. So here I am with this new post.
I have always wondered why most of the people have double standards in life. One standard with which they would look at others with whom they are not related and other standard with which they would look at their near and dear ones. And let me put the premise – in both cases, the people being observed are in the same situation.
For example, I would start with the case of the tele marketing employees. Now when most of the people get a call for a personal loan or a mobile connection or credit card, they would get irritated and be rude and sometimes even bang the phone (if it is landline of course). The whole perspective changes, when it is someone whom you know who is in the same profession and then you think that it is how that person gets to make his/her livelihood. And you even get angry on those unknown people who have been rude to him/her.
Another example is when you haggle with the local shopkeeper over the price of something that you want to buy but you think he has overpriced the thing. But if it happens that it’s your friend or relative who is a shopkeeper, then you justify the price by saying that the shopkeeper also needs to make some profit – after all he did not open the shop for selling the stuff at the price he bought it!
If you think these are not bringing the point home – then may be I will be a little more in the face. The morality of people is judged on these double standards – if it’s someone from the family or a friend, then people would never think of that person being corrupt or may even justify the corruptness – but if it’s someone unrelated – then they wouldn’t think twice before throwing the proverbial first one to throw the stone. If it’s someone from the family, then people may even be ready to kill someone who makes undue advances towards her, but when it comes to making undue advances oneself, then it doesn’t matter to the same people, that the person being advanced is also someone’s family?
It’s all so confusing.
Why can’t people call a spade a spade – be it in their friend’s hand or in someone else’s hand? Why can’t they have the one standard? If something is right or wrong for them, how can it be reverse for others (in their eyes)?
Or may be having dual standards makes it easier for them to justify things that they want to do themselves but know that it would be wrong if they are known to the outside world.
There was this proverb – Do not do unto others as you would that they should do unto you.
G.B Shaw added to it – “Their tastes may not be the same.”
My interpretation of this is – they may not treat you the same way as they would treat their family and friends.
I would let you ponder over it.


One thought on “Dual causes duel!

  1. Hi Shweta,Its a god’s creativity or we can say innovation 🙂Every coin has two sides…so why not human nature too.Woh kehte hain na…”Insaan dimag se kum aur dil se jayada sochta hai”Regards,Ankit


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