Looking further than what is obvious

As I was watching a movie today, I was shown the multiple ways in which the humble morning newspaper could be put to use.
Now most of us think of newspaper as trash the next day and the pile keeps growing up unless it becomes unbearable to watch. Then it is sent to the local junkyard. However, you’ll see in a while just how important is your newspaper. Let’s start with the list.
Early morning when it is delivered to your doorstep, then first of all you get to read it. For those with day jobs, it fills those minutes in between getting ready for work, having breakfast and leaving for work. Also, if you have a long commute, and you are not driving yourself, then it also keeps you from going insane, by filling those irritating moments of being stuck in a traffic jam or simply the distance being long.
Now what to do when you are done reading it? So the movie showed me just that. The actor had a child who woke him up at night telling that he had wet his bed. Guess who came to the rescue – the friendly newspaper! So newspapers were spread on the bed till the mess could be cleared in the morning! Next was the scene when the child threw up, when he started jumping after having a little too much to eat. Ta-da – newspapers to the rescue!
That set the thinking ball rolling as I was reminded of the multiple ways in which we, in our day to day lives, put it to use.
Most commonly you would see it being used for packaging.
For roadside stalls, it is a godsend – to hand over their wares – be it an eatable like bhel-puri or a statue to decorate your home with. Also, many shopkeepers still use the paper bags, made out of newsprint, instead of the polythenes, which is a good thing. (And here, I can’t help but remember that when I was about 7 years old, I was watching out of the window of my cousin’s place and there was a poor family living outside their house who made their living by making paper bags out of old newspapers. At that time for me it was interesting to see the deftness with which they would fold the paper and stick it at the edges. And viola a bag was ready! The livelihood part of the thing did not register in my mind until a little later. However, I myself tried making that but….).
Also, at one point of time, I decided that I should learn how to stitch (which I found miserably boring), and there to draw and cut the the dress, the newspaper was used, before we did it on cloth.
Then there are many who swear that the reason their glass window or mirror is spotless, is that they wipe it with wet newspaper.
Then if we go on a more aesthetic usage, then it can be used to make some papier-mâché stuff. It may not be the professional way, but for beginners and to keep the kids occupied in some creative work, the best option is to use the good old newspaper.
Now there are some people who don’t understand the importance of things – be it newspaper or other human beings. They are clueless as to what to do after having read either. They just don’t have the eyes to see the numerous possibilities of what something or someone could bring to their lives.
Getting serious? May be I would stop at this and now let you think now what could you do next with things after being done with what you wanted to use them for in the first place. Have fun.


One thought on “Looking further than what is obvious

  1. Hi Shweta,Well what I do is….First make more than 5 folds of a newspaper cutting and place it below my steel bed to make it balance properly. Actually this bed is too old now…so its kind of adjustment you see 🙂Another good thing I do is….If I have to go out on my bike just after it rain then I will spread newspaper on my seat and here goes another adjustment…:)There are many such adjustments which I do with newspaper in my daily routine life…apart from reading 🙂Regards,Ankit


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