Joie-de-vivre – Being Philosophic

It is so interesting to find people who on a superficial level appear to have no relation whatsoever with you or things which you are connected with, but suddenly you get to know something about them which instantly connects both of you. What brings this idea to my mind is this recent experience that I had. I met a lady in the clubhouse of the apartments where I live. We started talking and started getting along well. I was impressed by her enthusiasm (she plays table tennis quite well and she can definitely not be less than 55 years of age), and by her warm smile. After two days, just talking casually, I got to know that she went to the same school, some 23 years before, as I did! It was such a pleasant surprise. That school is more than 135 years old but still I wonder, what are the odds that you would find someone who studied there long before you were even born and that too someone who was in that city just for a brief period, someone whose ancestors were from the Pakistan side of undivided India and came to Delhi during partition.

I can’t stop wondering at what all we humans are destined for. At what all places (countries, cities, villages and above all, hearts of people) do we leave our marks, which are not preserved physically, but whose long forgotten memories rush in when suddenly you get a whiff of a scent or listen to some melody which makes you want to go back to that day which has passed long ago. And the funniest thing is that you are not reminded of the unpleasant events of those days, which seemed to you to be the most important thing which was happening that day. Instead, you are only reminded of the joy of having lived that day. (Here’s a disclaimer : Unless of course something really bad happened which changed the course of your life).

I wish that all of us could remember that it’s only the pleasant things that would be in the memory when we grow old, and so make that account grow richer by creating pleasantness around us, instead of the petty egoistic stuff or the unnecessary worries, that we indulge ourselves in. Wouldn’t that be a better way to live life – which makes your present happy and your future richer? After all, don’t they say “It’s all in the Mind”?


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