Golden Jubilee

Today I am writing my 50th post. That’s the time for the golden jubilee :-). Funny thing is how the meaning of jubilee have changed over the years. In India, the term has been used in the context of the number of weeks the movies would be running on the box office. In fact there is a veteran actor , Rajendra Kumar whose every movie would complete silver or golden jubilee. So much so, that he was affectionately called “Jubilee Kumar” by the fans. However, over the years, the box office popularity of the movies started declining. So the people started celebrating the number of days instead of weeks. In fact there was a director who named his next movie “100 days” since his previous one completed that many number of days in the cinema halls!
Nonetheless, being the mortals that we are, I guess that Jubilees are one way to celebrate that we are still here! I wanted to preach but let’s leave it at this and I go to sleep, so as to wake up to find that the next day is a new reason to celebrate the life :-)!


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