Watch that!

Today morning I had a realization. Nothing cause for concern – I am not yet on the path to Nirvana. Neither God nor any angel came to my dreams. All that happened was that I had purchased a watch last weekend. And I realized that I had spent a lot of time in choosing the design, and bought it without spending two minutes to watch the watch working!
Now the question is – how many people check that part while purchasing a watch. Upon reflecting, I remember having seen people who are buying watches from the neighborhood watch-shop,taking care to check the functioning of the watch. But those who are buying it from a mall or some showroom, will only care to see if the watch is looking good on the wrist or not! Can’t blame them, after all, one expects a better quality from a mall-shop than the local shop!
But that makes me wonder why this difference in behaviour? Is it because that the fancy showroom and the salesmen somehow give us the feeling that we may be looked down upon if we check such a basic thing as a watch working or not? Now, don’t think that I am only talking about watches. It can be anything – from a small watch to a huge refrigerator. Why does a small shopkeeper have to give proof of his credibility – he will test the light bulb that you are buying in front of you to assure you – while you will not ask the salesman of a big shop to do that! I am just guessing – may be the smaller shop-keeper cannot afford to have the faulty goods returned. That may be a bigger overhead, than testing it in-front of you to assure you of the working condition of the things being purchased. The bigger shops may already have some kind of provisioning for occasional complaints. But there may be some other reason. There has to be an explanation.
But the moral of the story is – User Interface (UI) is important but check the basic functionality of the object being bought before handing out the cash (or card) :-).

P.S. And a few days later, after having exchanged the faulty watch, I lost the new watch – dropped it somewhere between the apartment and the bus stop. Still hurts to think about it.


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