Raksha Bandhan, India at Sixty-One and all that

Today I was made really happy by a telephone call from home – no-no, it’s not that someone from the family or a neighbor, not even anyone from the city won a Gold Medal in the Olympics. It was a simple news that my Rakhi had reached home! It restored my faith in the Indian Postal Department.
I was a little disappointed till the afternoon that the Rakhi that I had sent, did not reach but at around 3 PM, my mother called to inform that it had been delivered. Really it did lift my spirits – I had the feeling that if it would ever reach its destination, it would not be ON the occasion. But it was a pleasant surprise. My mom told me that the postal department had made arrangements to deliver the rakhis on Saturday. That’s the heart of India.
Millions of Indians make use of the country’s Postal Department, the Railways, the All India radio – some things which have been completely forgotten by the people who have now risen higher in life, but who reached where they are now, using exactly these backbones of the Indian life. Now they may consider it quite backward or may be even below their dignity to admit that they were travelling in the sleeper class of Indian Railways till the time they became the nouveau-rich. Many would have forgotten what a registered post or a money order is, and I fear that the next generation of these “forgetful” ones wouldn’t ever know what AIR and DD are! Now the lives of the metro dwellers’ are “Jhingaa La La”, as an advertisement would say. They will have the world at the touch of a button but may not know who their neighbor is.
As the country celebrates its’ 61st year of Independence, I was wondering aloud to my friends about how is this country running till now, with such a high level of corruption, the unscrupulous politicians, the population, the low levels of literacy and so many other things. But now upon reflecting, I think I have got my answer. The country is running because for every corrupt official, there are several who work honestly, for several unworthy political leaders, there are a handful of those who genuinely wish to do something good for the country, the high population translates into lots of intelligent people who can convert dreams to reality and won’t have to look far for the workforce. The ones in the metros may be doing “jhingaa la la” or “thodaa aur wish”, but in the smaller towns there are families and neighbors who celebrate the festivals together and are there for each other when there are bomb blasts rocking the country or when there are floods and earth-quakes.
All is not that bad as so many of us perceive it is. I feel there are so many forces working together to make a nation that one cannot get the full picture looking at the pieces; it is a jigsaw puzzle and only makes sense when the pieces are put together.
The Indian Post does work, so does the Indian Railways, the Indian Judiciary, the Indian Police – because they are not run by mechanical systems – they are run by the People Of India.


One thought on “Raksha Bandhan, India at Sixty-One and all that

  1. I agree, but at the same time…….we are to blame ourselves for such a situation. Unless, we take responsible action ……..there will not be any substatial changes in standanard of life Indian. Even metro is far behind global standard…….see our the neighbour country. what’s say…!!


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