Idiot Box

These days, there are predominantly two kinds of shows on the Indian television – the family dramas and the reality(?) shows.
Family dramas – I really wonder how the writers can spin stories around the same theme – a huge family, with a goody-good daughter-in-law, a vampish second daughter-in-law or mother-in law whose only aim in life is to make the good one’s life hell and around them are revolving the other brainless characters who cannot decide their loyalties. And viola, you have a brand new serial every week. And if that was not enough, then there would be a second generation within a week and the serial would advance by 20 years in the story!
Reality shows – either there would be real families coming in for the singing/dancing or some less known “celebrities” competing against each other. The two most irritating parts of such shows are 1) the comments that the competitors pass on each other. and 2) the drama that is created on the stage when there is a decisoon to be made. Sometimes the show would be good, but the commentary would make you think if the show is about the singing/dancing talent or about their talent in talking like a lunatic.
Besides these, there are some more “varieties” being offered – like cookery shows, movie channels showing the super-flops, life-style shows and so on. But after a while all of them become as boring as the others – because of the repetitive character. The novelty which made a show successful, is used until it gets tarnished by over-use, by so many shows made on the same formula.
However, what is the choice that one has than to take what is being served in the name of entertainment – go to the 24X7 news channels? That will start a new analysis. So let’s leave it at that. I would read something good and be thankful that reading is still an option!


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