Mambo Gelato

How could I forget to write about the last wonderful evening that I spent in Germany, before I had to leave for India. Today while watching “No Reservations” (movie not the tv show) and listening to the Italian soundtrack, the memory of the evening returned. Daniel asked me where would I want to have dinner. At first I was hesitant to dine out as I had not packed my things and was worried but as mentioned before, he can be quite persuasive :). So there we were, beside the river Rhine, at a small Italian restaurant called the “Order Station”. On the other bank of the river, towered the chimneys and buildings of the BASF factory.
So there we were, watching the ships pass by, the Industrial area on the other side and enjoying the Italian food. The place seemed to be a two men show, as far as I could make out. One chef and one owner, who doubled as waiter.
The food was good, the skies clear and there was light till 10 PM as it was the longest day of the year!
Now a little about the history of “Order Station”. In old days, the ships which used to pass the river, used to pick up their orders for the onward journey, from these places called the “Order Stations”. I am not sure, but may be they could also pick up food supplies from there.
(A similar concept used to be there for trains in North America, which somewhat worked as a timetable).
Now this restaurant is not known by many people and hence it seems that the owner might be running into loss and may have to close the place. That would be sad indeed, as the food was good and the place was interesting.
After dinner, we went looking for a place where Constanze had invited us for dance. We went and shook a leg but of course, I was in no league with the regulars. It was a place for serious dancing! Not for frivolous youngsters. I managed a little salsa, but that was it. Let’s see when next do I get a chance to explore something new like that.
All in all, it was a great way to end the evening. Only thing which did not let it end it perfectly was the traffic jam (yes, a jam in Germany!)caused by revelling fans on the roads, as Turkey had won one of the Euro cup matches. But that small event could not take away the good feeling that the evening had created :). I hope that the restaurant finds more patrons and I can some day have a second visit there.


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