Zeus in China

This is the first time in my life, that I know someone personally, from a country where the Olympics are taking place. Thanks to working in a global working model, I have a few colleagues in China. Even though my colleagues weren’t too excited about the event, as they are quite far away from Beijing, but still, they couldn’t remain untouched by the action! The other day, the office remained closed as the Olympic torch was passing through the square where the office is located. The instructions were clear – no opening of windows facing the square and no photo-shoots. So the office administration decided to keep the office closed and people who needed to work, could do so from home.
I saw a little bit of the opening ceremony yesterday on the television and I must admit, it was quite grand. The theme was 5000 years of Chinese civilization. And as it has been since the advent of television in India, it was broadcasted live exclusively by the National television :-). (The private channels could do so with the permission of the DD
However, I wonder what was the role of Indian Congress party president instead of some official dignitary, in the ceremony. Nonetheless, India has started off with quite a few disappointments, let’s see what surprises are in store in the next 15 days. May 8/8/8 be lucky for us too :-).


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