Desi English

In India, you would find a whole new vocabulary derived from the English language which is, strangely, well understood by everyone here. In fact, after a while it may happen that you speak the correct English term and no-one is able to comprehend what you are talking about.
Some of the most common ones that I’ve come across are listed below. Ten points each for guessing the correct English word :).
1. Puncher:
Hint: Remember the roadside “Pappu Puncher Shop”?
2. Tatch-ood:
Hint: Your carpenter would like to use it on your furniture.
3. Kanaster:
Hint: Your grocery store keeper wants to sell you one kanaster of ghee.
4. Rinch
Hint: At the local garage, they are shouting at each other to pass this instrument.
5. Puteen
Hint: Before painting on the walls, that’s what the painter fills the holes with!
6. Kaleji
Hint: The floor is decorated with this!

Now the answers:
1) Puncture
2) Touch-wood (a wood polish)
3) Canister
4) Wrench
5) Put-in
6) Crazy tiles (the small colored marble pieces in irregular shapes)
So how’s that (or shall I say howzzat?) for a small lesson in Indian English :).
You can write in more such words which you’ve come across in the comments section.

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